Salone internazionale del Mobile di Milano 2019

Window display for „il Salone internazionale del Mobile di Milano 2019“, by Morris Manser and Paulo Jorge Dias.

Workshop «A story in a single frame», supervised by JoAnn Tan Studio Jewelry piece by Ambroise Degenève.

Exhibition 09.04 - 14.04.2019
From 11:00 to 19:00
c/o The JoAnn Tan Studio
Via G. Paisiello 18
20131 Milano

For this window display, we took inspiration from Ambroise Degenève’s «anachronism» collection, which combines a wired structure with other materials on top of it. The architectural aesthetic of the jewellry reminds of an post apocalyptic city made of very precious materials. The main idea is to place the ring in the middle of the town made of iron wire and different invented treatements that we did to the buildings which are directly inspired by the materials used by Ambroise Degenève himself. The materials will take the city and grow on it, like the materials on the jewelry.

dense, organic

project by: HEAD Genève
concept and realization by: 0Paulo Jorge Dias, Morris Manser
product: Ambroise Degenève
photographer: Michel Giesbrecht
supervision: JoAnn Tan Studio